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                Shandong Tiandiyuan Group (Tiandiyuan Group for short) is located in Zouping County, a famous place in Shandong province and one of the top of double 100 counties in China. It is next to the Heban Mountains National Forest Park in the south, adjacent to the Yellow River in the north, neighboring to the capital of the province Jinan in the east, and connect with the major industrial city Zibo, enjoying beautiful natural landscapes and convenient transportation where the broad roads extending in all directions and the geographical condition is superior. Heban Mountains has four distinct seasons, rich vegetation, a pleasant climate, and beautiful environment. About 100 millions of tons of medical stones deposits are hidden in the ancient basalt mountains, which is a unique, non-replicable and typical supernatural land of treasures.
                    Since its inception, Tiandiyuan Group has been pursuing the business philosophy of “Integrity, Innovation, Pragmatism, and Entrepreneurship”, and implementing the development strategy of “Revitalizing the Enterprise through Quality”, “Diversified Group Expansion” and “International Brand Promotion” in a planned and systematic way, being customer-centric and market-oriented, enabling the company to grow from a small one to a large enterprise, and from weak to strong, embarking on the path of better and faster development. After 10 years of struggling and hardworking, Tiandiyuan Group has developed into a large-scale private enterprise group integrating drinks, papermaking, heat-power cogeneration, new materials,  energy,  logistics, and cultural communications.
                    Tiandiyuan Group covers about 2,000,000 square meters, invests 3,150,000,000 yuan in total by May 2012, realizes annual sales income 4,500,000,000 yuan. The group existing staff of more than 4000 people, including senior professional technical personnel 180 people, intermediate technical personnel 360 people, technical professionals 518 people.
                    Tiandiyuan Group has 9 subsidiaries, including Shandong Tiandiyuan Industrial Co., Ltd., Shandong Tiandiyuan Liquor Co., Ltd., Beijing Tiandiyuan Weiye Technology Co., Ltd., Shandong Xuehua Mountain Beverage Co., Ltd., Zouping Tiandiyuan Logistics Co., Ltd., Shandong Baichuan Agricultural Science & Technology Co., Ltd., Shandong Juneng New Material Technology Co., Ltd., Shandong Tiandiyuan Cultural Communications Co., Ltd., and Zouping Tianrui Microcredit Co., Ltd.
                   Tiandiyuan Group adheres to the business philosophy of “surviving through quality, developing through reputation, and winning the market through brands”, having won the favor of consumers, the market, and many awards. The company has successfully passed the ISO14001: 2000 national environmental management system certification, and ISO9001: 2000 & ISO9001:2008 national quality management system certification; the registered trademark “Tiandiyuan” has been rated as “China Famous Trademark”; with excellent quality, the products have been honored with such titles as “Shandong Famous Brand”, “Shandong Famous Cultural Liquor”, “the Most Collectible Liquor”, “China’s Honored Brand of Safe Food” and so on; the company has been identified by financial institutions as “AAA Credit Enterprise”, and “Binzhou Advanced Private Enterprise”, and was granted with such honorary titles as “Contract-abiding and Trustworthy Enterprise”, “Customer Satisfaction Unit”, “Creditable Private Enterprise”, “Top-ten Learning-oriented Enterprise”, “A-grade Labor Security Law Abiding Unit”, “Municipal-level Enterprise Technology Center”, “Shandong Top-100 Enterprises of Creditable Brand”, “Star of Honor”, and “the Most Caring Enterprise” and so on.
                    With “uniting everyone & benefiting the small family to serve the country” as the value orientation, the Group attaches importance to the cultural construction, and vigorously promote the “cultures of filial piety, military barracks, family”; it also takes active part in public welfare undertakings, to construct harmonious families, the harmonious enterprise, and the harmonious society. The company took the lead in establishing “Tiandiyuan Filial Piety Development Fund” inside the company in 2007 to distribute consolation funds monthly to employees’ parents aged 70 or more, which is aimed to advocate the traditional virtues of “respecting, loving and helping the elderly”, and strengthen the social responsibilities of being loyal, law-abiding and loving home and the country, so as to create the warm living and working environments where people get along with one another like brothers and sisters and the harmonious atmosphere exists everywhere. It has successfully organized the second, third, and fourth “activities of selecting the top 10 filial sons/daughters in the Chinese entertainment circle” from 2008 to 2010 ,which have received praise from all sectors of the society.
                    With “common philosophy, interlinked hearts, concentrated force and interacting affection” as the team philosophy, it has gathered many people with lofty ideals and social elites, who have laid a solid foundation for the development of the company by concentrating their efforts and working in cooperation and with their prominent abilities in scientific and technological research, refined business management, the scientific quality assurance systems, and the operation concept of “customer-first”. Tiandiyuan people are forging ahead towards the goal of “a large-scale modern group company with first-class management, first-class efficiency, first-class salaries, and first-class material culture” with tremendous enthusiasm, positive attitudes, and pragmatic work style. It firmly believes that Tiandiyuan will grow more powerful and have a more beautiful future!
            “Bosom friends afar meet at Tiandiyuan”. Chairman of Tiandiyuan Group Mr. Zhang Hongwei together with all the staff are looking forward to your visit!


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