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                    Serving the country is to serve the country through industries, and strives to enlarge and strengthen the company continuously, so as to provide more job opportunities and better products for the society, increase taxes for the country, and stimulate the development of the local and provincial economies and even the booming development of the national economy. This is the primary responsibility of the company;

            Benefiting the small family is to help every family to achieve their dreams. Family is the cell of a society, and the key family members are the employees of the company that are essential to its development; while focusing on improving the quality of employees, we also pay attention to increasing their salaries and benefits, to help them to achieve their development and wealth. At the same time, the scientific development of the company will also provide employment opportunities for the society, provide a stage for more families to realize their dreams, and thus assume more social responsibilities. This is the basic responsibility of the company;

            Uniting the big family is to concentrate energies and resources and get prepared for the enormous launching on the basis of thick accumulation. We will gather together the wisdom and strength of all employees, to jointly build Tiandiyuan into a well-known large-scale private group company in China. Tiandiyuan is a component of the sea of business, and has gradually grown stronger after undergoing the hardships of starting up. An economic and industrial system running in a virtuous circle which is rooted in the liquor industry, with thermal power, paper-making, and sewage treatment as the leading businesses, complemented by foods, logistics, real estates, trade, finance, and cultural communications. The group is dedicated to building “the largest liquor cave storage base in Jiangbei, the largest Fen-flavor liquor production base in Jiangbei, and the largest packaging paper manufacture base in North China”, so as to mobilize the development of the entire sector and promote the prosperity of the entire industry through our own development. This is the true significance of the company’s development and our due responsibilities as well.

            “The meaning of life lies in fulfilling our due responsibilities towards the country, the society and the people. The one who can fulfill his duties with due diligence is a noble man. I hope that I am a kind of person who is responsible for his duty, a person who is useful for the society”, chairman Zhang Hongwei often says so. His strong patriotism, lofty patriotic ambitions, and a high sense of social responsibility allows Tiandiyuan Group under his leadership to always stick to the idea of “uniting the big family, benefiting the small family and serving the country” as their mission, the harmony and unity of “economic benefits, social benefits, and environmental benefits” as the criteria, “first-class management, first-class efficiency, first-class salaries and first-class material culture” as the goal, which are best interpreted by the staff of the company over the past decade through their striving, hardworking, innovative and progressive actions. 

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